29 July 2014

How to Check Who,s Hacking Your WiFi (Updated)

Who,s Hacking Your WiFi
Is someone hacking your Wifi?

Want to block that wifi hacker who is hacking your wifi password and using your wifi without your permission.

Of course you want to!

So lets 

Every one want,s to use Free WiFi and many of them get successful by using some kind of hacking software and some by just guessing your wifi Password So in This tutorial i will tell you how to Know if some one is Hacking your WiFi.

Which Method we are Going to Use to check for wifi Hackers?

We will use a Software which called who,s hacking my wifi this tool is best way i have ever found because it,s too easy and simple.

So What this Software can do?

There are two versions like every premium software Free and Paid So free have access to Find who,s is Connected with your WiFi and also Show Computer Name So it,s easy to Find wiFi users.

In Paid Version you can also block those wifi users who are Hacking your wifi. But this time let,s go with free.

How to Check who is Hacking your WiFi

Step (1) Start Your Computer then Connect With Your WiFi

Step (2) Download This Software  Who is on my WiFi and Install it on your computer

Step (3) Open Who is on my WiFi Then Click on Scan Page

Step (4) Click On Scan Now and now you will See All connected Computers

if you See list of Unknown Users Just Change your WiFi Password and i Highly Recommended you to use Mac address Security its More Secure.

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