31 August 2014

How to Increase your Computer Ram Using USB Drive

Many Peoples want to Increase computer Ram for High Speed But They Don,t Want To Buy a Ram so Today in This Tutorial i will Tell You How to Increase your Computer Ram Using USB Drive This is great way to Increase Your Computer Ram and i Really Like This Trick and i am Sure You will too Like This Trick.


(1) This Trick Will Only in Windows 7 , 8 or 8.1

(2) Your USB Must Have 4 GB or Higher

How to Increase Computer Ram Using USB Drive

Step (1) Plug in your USB in your Computer

Step (2) Format Your USB

Step (3) After Formatting open USB Properties Then Click on Ready Boost Then Select use this Device and select Maximum Speed Then Click on Apply and Then on OK

Step (6) Now Unplug your USB and Plug in Again Then it will Ask for Speed up or Open USB click on Speed Up my Computer.

Congrats You are Done.

Hope You will Like this Trick.

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