7 September 2014

How to Earn Money With AdFly By Shorten URL

As in These days many methods are available to earn a Reasonable amount but Earning a Good Amount from Them is not easy or They Need Investment But Today i am Sharing a Earning Method which is Completely Free and Legit way Adf.ly is trusted way to Earn Good amount by Doing Some Simple Work Daily So Now the Question is How to Earn Money with AdFly by Shorten URL?

What is Adf.ly

Adf.ly is URL Shorten Service which Pay us to Shorten Any URL and Get Click From It. It,s pay us Per Click which we Get From That Shorten URL you can Short any URL Like if you have a Blog you can Short it,s URL and Then Promote you will also get the Traffic and also Money with it or you can also Share Any Popular Thing like Image,s,Videos which you think that it can Get Good amount of Clicks.

Minimum Cash-out amount is just 5 Dollar after Reaching this amount you can get your money Instant  at any time with Just Single Click

What,s the Procedure to Earn With Adf.ly

First of all You will Need to Create a Account on Adf.ly : Join now Adf.ly/#join

After Creating Account Now Set your Payment Method and Then Short any URL and Start Promoting it on the Web.

and Remember the more you Promote the more you will Earn.

How to Promote your Link to Good Click,s from it?

You can Promote your Shorten Link at These Places

  • Social media

It,s an Good and Easy way to massive Click with your Link and the Most Popular Sites are : Facebook.com,Twitter.com,Plus.Google.com,Linkedin.com and Many More.
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  • Social Bookmarking Sites

This is also well Known Method to make any Link go viral and There are many Sites Available to Promote a Link.
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  • Get Help From Friends
Ask your Friends to Share your Post on Social Media and Send Mail,s to Their Friends to Visit that Link.

Final Words

Hope you will Earn a Good Amount with it Now what you think about adf.ly 

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