26 September 2014

How to Earn Money Using Facebook

Make Money Online Using Facebook is very Easy Way To Earn money Online but many People Do not agree That We can Earn money using Facebook But Believe Me you can Earn Reasonable Amount Using Facebook  and This Method is 100% Trusted and Safe so Lets See how we Can Earn Using Facebook.

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How to Earn money Using Facebook Profile

(1) Make a Facebook Account and Name it but in my Advice use Girl Name in your Profile.

(2) Now Send Friend Request to UK USA and UAE Facebook Users.

(3) Now Join Facebook Groups with Huge Members Like (100,000) or More.

(4) After Making 4000 to 5000 Friends Now Monetize Sponsored Link to Your Profile.

you can go to BuySellAds.com or any other Sponsored.

How to Earn Money Using Facebook Pages

(1) Create Facebook Page But choose attractive name of your Facebook Page.

(2) Then Start Posting and Post Daily

(3) Invites your Friends to like Your Page and Ask them to Share your Page

(4) and now join Facebook Groups and Share your Page on 8 to 10 Groups Daily.

(5) Then when to Collect 8,000 to 10,000 likes on your Page now just share that you need Advertiser for your Page and also find advertiser on Facebook and Then Advertise then Links/Ads Then they will you a Good Amount.


i Hope it Will Help you to Earn Money using Facebook.

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