7 September 2014

How to Make a Blogger blog in Free

Today i will Tell you How to Make Blog in Free in Internet Many Platform Which are Providing Blogs But There 2 Popular Platform Which Are Providing Best Blogs So These Are Two Platforms Blogger and WordPress But WordPress is Not Free So We Will Make our Blog On Blogger.com it is Free And Blogger is Providing Best Blogs with 2 GB Free Space and Also Blogger Have Many Themes and We Can Install Themes from Other Theme Provider also.

How to Make Blogger Blog

Step (1) Go to Blogger.com and Sign in With your Google account.
Blogger is Own By Google So Blogger accept Google Account.

Step (2) Then Click on Continue With Blogger.

Step (3) Click on Create New Blog.

Step (4) Then Type Your Site Title And Select Address Then Choose Theme And Then Click on Create Blog.

Congrats you Have Successfully Created a Blog

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